Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lets get this book rolling in 2011

 This year is the year of And The World Keeps Turning, along with continuing with Good Gabble Newzine, introducing another newzine to the market and finding an illustrator for my children's picture book.

Whilst travelling Australia with Good Gabble I have meant many interesting people with very diverse lifestyles. If you live in any of the following relationships or know of someone who does I would love to chat.

Gay/Lesbian - with and without children

An open relationship

Live in any form of alternative housing

Communal living


Transgender or transexual

Swinging couples

Extended family

Blended families

Follow a religion or faith outside of the norm

Claivoyants, mediums, psychic

Surrogancy and egg donors

Anything outside of the 'norm' of society.

If you see it as 'normal' and others don't ( or you feel they don't ) then please drop me a line. I would love chat. All information shared is in confidence and may be anonymous.

email me ( Jennifer ) at

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