Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can you help!

I am a writer who lives an alternative lifestyle. I am an advocate for the rights of all to live freely without judgement in a lifestyle that suits their needs as long as it is not harming another. I am currently working on a book which represents those who live outside the 'norm'. 'And the world keeps turning' is a book of one passion for life, of their freedom and their individuality. It speaks for all and shows that regardless of what society may feel or think the world continues to turn whilst they choose to condemn. It is not those who live alternatively that are doing the world the harm but those who choose to judge, consume and use the resources of our environment.
"And the world keeps turning' asks for a little respect and understanding of choices one makes. It seeks awareness of all walks of life and shows unite of those in alternative lifestyles.

If there is anyone out there who would love to share their story with me I would love to hear it. I aim to represent as vast a majority of lifestyles as possible. Please email me at

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