Friday, November 6, 2009

So here I am......

So why am I here?

I suppose the main reason I am here is to tell the world, especially Australia, about one of the books I am currently working on. By now you would have worked out that the title of this book is And The World Keeps Turning 'Living outside the norm in Australia'.

This book is a tribute to all those who are proud to live outside the 'norm' of society. It tells of the different lifestyles people choose to live within Australia. To the shock of most the world continues to turn. We do not fall off and gravity does not cease to exist due to those who choose 'to be different'.

" It takes all sorts to make the world go around" and this book will show it.

If you feel you are fighting others within Australia to live the way you wish. If you feel a need to show society that you we can live in peace and harmony regardless of our choice of lifestyle. If you feel there is a need for harmony within this large land of ours. If you live 'outside the square in an alternative way, no matter how small or large, I would like to hear from you.

I am seeking stories from the purple sheep in the paddock. This is a book for you!

Publishers - If you are seeking to publish a book which shouts difference. Which shows acceptance of people for who they are and their right to be individuals. A book which speaks the truth about the diversity of Australians. A book that shows that all is not black and white within our land. That shows that the world does continue to turn even though some choose to fight against it's system of beliefs, ideals and morals, then this is the book you are seeking. A book that will keep all Australians turning the pages and wondering how the neighbours next door really live.

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